Best sites to spice up your food creativity


If you’re not utilizing the vast capabilities and expanses of the Internet to improve your versatility in the kitchen or your knowledge of the great restaurants around you, you’re clearly doing it wrong. On the restaurant side of things, you’re able to see just about every place that your locale has to offer, in this case Gainesville. But from the food aspect in general, if you want to hone your skills as a cook at home, there’s a site for that too. The food network is a great place to start first and foremost, they’ve got a lot of great content from recipes to heads up about new episodes of great shows that are coming down the pipe in the next few weeks. After being in New Orleans for the weekend and trying a lot of the local Cajun cuisine I know I’ve been  looking at recipes for poboys and gumbo that I can make at home for myself. 

If you’re looking for a restaurant in the area (regardless of what kind of food they serve, you can definitely narrow down your options with Urban Spoon. Urban Spoon is great because a lot of times you know what you want but don’t know exactly where and how to get it, Urban Spoon gives the average diner-outer a method to that madness.

For example if you look up pizza you’ll definitely find favorable reviews from Gainesville’s premier pizza joint, Satchel’s. You can also see what other restaurants bring to the table and expand your horizons from there. We’ll try to tackle Gainesville’s Mexican Food scene next week on Good Eats in the Ville.


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