More about the man: A bio that doesn’t lack Shane


Hope you enjoyed that clever title. Aside from being a big fan of food no matter where it comes from, contrary to popular belief I actually contribute as a reporter. Currently, I work for Gainesville’s NPR affiliate. Together, along with the internet reporters and the TV reporters, we all proudly represent WUFT News. I also contribute to Gainesville’s ESPN Radio affiliate, ESPN 850 WRUF. There, I am an executive producer on Tuesday afternoons, and on Tuesday evenings I am one of the co-hosts of ESPN 850’s student run talk show, the Cheap Seats. If you listen in Tuesday nights from 6-7, you’ll be able to hear me and my fellow anchors discuss the goings-on in the world of sports, typically with a heavy emphasis on Gator Football (big surprise). In addition to my producer responsibilities and my anchor role on the Cheap Seats, I’m also the radio station’s beat reporter for the UF Soccer Team, who are currently playing in the SEC Tournament. I’ve also interned for GTN News, also known as the Gainesville Television Network, where I learned under News Director Dan Eschenfelder, a good friend of mine as well as a friend who I play tennis with. As far as my future goes, I am recently coming off scoring in the top 25 percent of the nation on the Law School Admission Test, and am currently applying to law schools. I’ve narrowed my selection down to 3: Florida State, Florida International, and Nova Southeastern University. But until I find out where I go, I’ll enjoy my time in Gainesville and enjoy the delicacies life here has to offer! For more information about me feel free to check out my Resume, which is now online.


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